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Bepannah is a Love story of Aditya and Zoya on Colors TV. bepanah serial is an Intense Love Story of Zoya and Aditya . In Bepanah Serial Aditya & Father is a lawyer . His Name is Harsh hooda who is one of the best lawyers in the country . Both Aditya and Zoya are Married to their respective Partners But destiny has some other Plans for Them . Jennifer Winget will be playing the role of Zoya and Harshad Chopra will be playing the role of Aditya in This Serial.


Bepannaah the Love story of Zoya and Aditya which shapes up when they face each other after the death of their respective partners in a car accident . But they( Aditya and Zoya ) are shocked to see that their partners were holding each others hands when they died . Aditya Considers his wife to be disloyal towards him . But Zoya considers her husband to be loyal towards her . In Bepanah Serial & Zoya ( Jennifer Winget ) is still not sure what she saw . She thinks there might be some confusion & that might not be the whole truth what she saw . She is sure that her husband was loyal to her , he couldn & have an affair with Aditya & ( Harshad Chopra ) Wife . But Aditya is sure that his wife betrayed him . Two Individuals with different mindset and different belief are bound together by destiny.


Daily time Schedule From: 09:00 PM to 09:30 PM (Mon-Fri) voot on Colors Tv

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